Contents and products for a meaningful shopping experience.

About us

We are a network of eCommerce Content sites. Each Comercio Epico’s site approaches a market niche, the members of which have exclusive product and content needs. Our job is to support these consumers, providing them topics that meet their particular interests and lifestyles, while selecting the best products of each category for them.

La mejor selección de productos

Comercio Epico relies on Gurus that make a careful selection from an excellent product catalogue in each category, saving time and minimizing consumer risks.

Grandes contenidos

Our Gurus also create and curate multimedia content to support online consumers during their purchase process.

At Comercio Épico, our content topics are thoroughly considered based on consumer questions, searches, doubts and daily fears. Once in their hands, we empower them!
We feel like heroes providing this experience… To put it short: our job is Epic.

En Comercio Épico nos sentimos como héroes

Relevant content

We provide answers for obvious or underlying needs and particular interests and lifestyles.

Convenient Products

We present them as a short form catalogue, that summarizes and hits the target of the best products of the category.

Safe Environment

We offer our customers comfort, support and service, from the very beginning through the search of information, purchase and after sale.


We understand and assume the challenge by offering our customers a knowledgeable experience and full close on-ground online shopping by making use of our confidence and the following values:

Curiosity (the healthy sort, not the one that killed the cat)

We have an interest in what people want, what they need to improve their day-to-day life and satisfy their online shopping. We approach this value from a constant spirit of innovation.

Confidence: a two-way road.

We know that true and long lasting relationships are based on ensuring the parts will act with honesty, that we can believe in each other; we make sure that all our actions, products and services are consistent with this value.

Integrity: our cornerstone.

The spirit to do the right things and behave in accordance with the law guides us.

Years of accumulated team experience

Content Sites in development

Investors committed to this initiative

The Team

Three entrepreneurs with ample experience are brought together to work in the dark arts of Digital Trade, Cloud, Sales Process and Latin Rhythm.

Karla Daniela Mendía

Karla Daniela Mendía

Digital Fairy

Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and MBA with 13 years of experience in companies of mass consumption products, banking and technology, focused on strategies development and digital media execution (all of them owned, paid and earned). She worked for 7 years as Digital Media Manager in Empresas Polar, where she attained relevant achievements in managing digital suppliers communities and relationships between customers and consumers through Social Media.
Luis Felipe Marval

Luis Felipe Marval

Chaos Wizard

Experienced Computing Engineer, specialized in business management. Wide experience in IT related to Trade, Business Strategies, Solution Sales, Customer and Business Partners Relationship Management. He worked for more than 14 years in Microsoft Venezuela earning important awards. He combines business management and entrepreneur allies relationship skills.
José Tomás Montelongo

José Tomás Montelongo

Chief Storyteller

Computing Engineer and entrepreneur. He was a Solution Architect at Microsoft for more than 10 years, where he designed a variety of high-volume critical systems, receiving various awards, including the Latam Top Enterprise Strategy Consultants. José Tomás is a founding partner and a member of the Board of Directors at, an eCommerce platform that was awarded third prize to the best business plan in the IDEA 2011 Contest. He contributes with a strong knowledge of Cloud Technology and eCommerce, as well as entrepreneurial and product development.

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